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Basic B#tch



Low in Sugar

High in Protein


Hi Baby Gorgeous!!!

Cookies Shouldn't Be Complicated

Now Accepting Pre-Orders for the Best Cookie You've Never Had... Yet.

Our small batch cookie dough is hand crafted with two things in mind: simplicity and flavor. Because nobody likes a fussy cookie. 

So whether you're looking to rosé + slay your weekend with friends or spend it at home with your fur babes, do it with the guilt-free Basic B#tch cookie dough in your arsenal.

This is not your grandma's sugar cookie.


Basic Ingredients.
Big Flavor.

Our Basic B#tch sugar cookie gives you all the warm fuzzies of a new pair of Uggs without any of the extra sugar or filler ingredients found in other cookie doughs. 

With delicately sweet toffee chunks and a light vanilla flavor this basic b#tch might just become your new Netflix and Chill buddy -- yea, this one's for you too, Brad + Chad. We won't judge you if you eat it straight from the jar, either.